Pets and Wearables

Pets and Wearables

We're shipping tools and looking for artists interested in creating a new class of custom operable NFTs: pets, mounts, and wearables.


Custom NFT pets are made from open standards like glTF2.0 and ERC721 that can be spawned from your inventory and follow your avatar (also open standard, based on VRM) around in the virtual world.

Dragon made by Kiiba, one of the season 0 artists

You'll need animated and rigged GLTF files to make them. We made an easy web interface to upload and preview before minting: If your companion is of the flying type, try here:

This Mech Drone by Willy Decarpentrie appeared way too big in the preview window

People are already coming up all types of pets, many of which are sure to make virtual meetings more... interesting.

B i g m a n by KARUNA
Blob pet by Kiiba

Browsing through rigged Sketchfab models for inspiration is a mind trip when thinking about the possibilities of UGC that can become your pet or avatar in the virtual world, especially once they have emotes and game-like capabilities.

Our community is thinking about ways for how these creatures can be discovered in the world, claimed, plus features that can be composed on top of pets such as wearables, emotes, and behaviors. Ping us if you got ideas!


What if pets could also double as a vehicle to get around? One idea lead to the next, so now we have mounts for avatars to pilot animated 3D NFTs with too.

Scaling Dragon by Kiiba up gave us an idea for mounts

We built a system that allows designers to add seats to ASSETs for avatars to sit on and control. The web app where you can drag and drop your GLB model to create mounts with is live now:


Artists can now design and sell custom wearable NFTs for avatars. There's an in-game inventory system you can access by pressing i on your keyboard which will open up the UI where you can equip ASSETs to your avatar via drag n' drop.

Preview of the in-app inventory menu you can access by pressing i

The wearables automatically adjust their position and scale based on the bones, so whether you're hedgehog sized or human the item should approximately fit you.

We're planning on dropping the first collection of NFT pets, mounts, and avatar wearables soon, so stay connected and join the mailing list.

If you're an artist or designer that wants to explore this space and bring your creations to life, come talk to us on Discord: