Webaverse x Polygon

Mint and trade NFTs onto OpenSea with sub-cent transfer fees.

Webaverse x Polygon

Webaverse announces Polygon support (previously Matic Network)! Creators on our platform can mint NFTs for free, and trade them on OpenSea with sub-cent transfer fees.

It's unreasonable for creators that want to sell a digital hat or accessory they made for $20 to pay 2-3x that in Ethereum transaction fees in order to sell the item on Opensea.

Now 50 cents worth of MATIC is enough to pay for thousands of transactions.

We chose Polygon for also these reasons:

  • 100% compatible with Ethereum
  • https://matic.opensea.io came together fast
  • Easy to configure network with existing wallets like Metamask

Those items can also live on the same chain as other virtual world assets such as avatar wearables in Cryptovoxels, Decentraland, Cryptoavatars, and Somnium Space, setting the table for Metaverse interoperability experiments in the future.


We've been building and running an Ethereum sidechain for 6 months. It's basically a database you can replicate with Ethereum tools on your own infrastructure.

Building on the sidechain gives us many benefits:

  • Free transactions
  • Instantaneous
  • Eco-friendly

Providing for near-instantaneous virtual world transactions allows for things such as being able to pick up in-game loot to your inventory without spending a fortune on transaction fees while waiting 10 minutes for it to finally arrive.

Users can pickup virtual objects instantly and for free into their inventory with a sidechain

Moving a NFT to Ethereum mainnet or Polygon to sell on Opensea takes one click.

Owners of a NFT on the sidechain can transfer their token back and forth to other chains

The transfer will require a transaction fee payable through Metamask, so the choice is yours whether you want the cheaper option with Polygon network or Ethereum mainnet.

Instructions on getting setup are here: https://docs.webaverse.com/docs/market/matic-guide

Webaverse currently supports minting of these various filetypes: jpg, png, gif, mp3, mp4, VRM, glb, HTML

If you're interested in how it works and would like to mint something yourself come chat with us on our Discord: https://discord.gg/R5wqYhvv53